Cloud Backups

Cloud backup solutions enable businesses to store their data and information on a remotely located cloud server. To restore or update a file on cloud, a user needs to a web interface or hire a service provider. The files stored on the Internet can be accessed from multiple connected and distributed resources. Cloud back up storage is a secured environment wherein a user can regularly back-up its files on the cloud to keep its files safe and secured.

Cloud Backup Benefits

Reduced Data Loss Risks

Recover from data loss due to all natural and human-made disasters (both intentional and unintentional).

Increased Efficiencies and Savings

Recovery data faster and better capacity planning significantly enhances your backup efficiency and reduces TCO.


Cloud backups may helps you in meeting regulatory compliances with a secure offsite backup of your valuable business data.

VPN Services

Encrypt your internet connection with our VPN products to protect your privacy and secure your connection. Prevent you ISP or third-party snoops from viewing your online communications, location and browsing activity.

VPN Benefits

Public Wi-Fi Security

Encrypt your Internet traffic whenever you access an unknown Wi-Fi network. Our VPN apps ensure your connection is always protected from hackers or snoops.

Protect Sensitive Data

Use VPN to comply with data retention laws. Encrypt your Internet connection to protect your privacy and to stop governments and hackers from spying on you.

Access media and websites without restrictions

Access geo-blocked media and other website content using a secure connection.

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